[1984 - 1988]

STAR Software Translation Artwork Recording AG founded as a language service provider with the focus of supporting the entire information life cycle process (content creation, illustrations, translation, localization and publishing).

STAR is selected as a service provider for ADATS Project (Air Defense Anti-Tank System) for Oerlikon Contraves (spare parts catalog, maintenance and operating documentation) in accordance with US mill specs and B007 (Germany) standard.
Development of PC-based spare part logistics system in accordance with defense specification B007 (Germany).
First localization projects for IBM (Microsoft DOS).

STAR Deutschland GmbH founded in Böblingen, Germany.
Translation project (training and operating instructions) for the introduction of 3D CAD systems for BMW (CATIA from Dassault Systemes).
Standard documentation and translation services for MTU, MAN trucks, NCR, Olivetti, Commodore, Heidelberger, Ascom, Siemens, Alfa Romeo Avio (maintenance documentation for GE, Pratt & Whitney aircraft engines).

Begin the development of Transit and TermStar (STAR translation memory with integrated terminology management systems) by a dedicated STAR development team.
MOWAG selects STAR as documentation supplier for the Swiss Army project Piranha (spare parts catalog, training material, maintenance and repair documentation and Army specific operating manuals.)
Documentation services for FIAT Avio and BMW - diagnostics and troubleshooting documentation (localization).
STAR Germany becomes strategic supplier for all types of IBM localization projects (operating systems e.g. AIX, industry solutions).

STAR Japan (Tokyo) founded as first Asian office offering translation services from and into Japanese for various players in the industry (BMW Group, Mercedes Group, Microsoft, SAP etc.).

[1989 - 1994]

Localization of STAR Transit into European languages. STAR decides to market Transit and TermStar to the European market in order to become a service and technology partner for its customers.

Several customers for STAR’s B007 solution as providers for the European defense industry.

STAR becomes a Beta tester for Microsoft Windows NT operating system and implements Unicode in its software products.
Parallel localization of Transit and TermStar into Asian languages.

STAR begins to develop concepts for Global Information Management based on Unicode and the SGML approach with the aim of becoming a technology provider for content creation.

Eight new STAR companies are created (China, Russia, Indonesia, Spain, et. al.). The conceptual studies in information management lead to the first GRIPS prototype. Semantic-based approach to information management using SGML that supports several types of technical manuals and includes the ability to automatically produce publications in all languages.

[1995 - 1999]

Beta version of GRIPS available. GRIPS is extensively tested to validate the support of all manual types in the industry (mechanical, electronics and software).

Establish dedicated global support team for 1st and 2nd level support for the STAR language technology products at all STAR subsidiaries.
STAR moves headquarters to a larger office building in Ramsen to accommodate the continued growth of the company.

First customized installation of GRIPS at EvoBus (Daimler Group).
STAR Paris (France) founded to support Renault Group (PENT) strategic translation outsourcing projects.

First customer of translation and localization services in the US (General Motors, Rockwell Automation).

STAR Group has 20 subsidiaries in Europe, Asia, US and North-Africa.

[2000 - 2004]

New GRIPS customers in Germany and Switzerland in the machinery industry (Rieter Group, manroland, Hilti).
STAR has 30 subsidiaries.
GRIPS supports XML.
Development of Process Control and Automation solutions for information and language management by dedicated STAR internal development team.
Creation of User Groups for STAR products (information and language technology products).

Sales of software products and related services (training, maintenance, support, consulting) exceed 20% of STAR Group revenue.
Foundation of STAR Group steering board (annual STAR Group management meetings).

Creation of steering board responsible for strategic decisions relating to greater integration of STAR software products and technologies (Software Board formed by the head of IT and the heads of the different development centers)
Launch of WebTerm - web-based terminology management based on TermStar.

Standard solution for SPEC1000 documentation based on GRIPS technology (for aerospace and defense industry).
Strategic decision of STAR Group management to remain privately owned (no aim for an IPO or mergers and acquisitions) and focus on long term relationships with customers, organic growth and supporting after sales organizations of global players with STAR technologies and services.

First commercial installation STAR Corporation Language Management solution (process control and automation based on STAR CLM Platform).
STAR develops format checkers for various 3rd party DTP products (automatic data quality control).
BMW selects STAR technology for process automation of their global after sales technical information exchange platform (Oscar, Puma).
BMW motorcycle selects GRIPS for the production of all of their after sales and owner’s manuals (fully-automatic multi-channel publishing).
STAR has over 650 full-time employees and more than 1500 contractors and freelancers.

[2005 - 2009]

Daimler Group Headquarters selects STAR technology for their corporate terminology needs (DC Term) based on WebTerm and automates their translation processes for repair maintenance and owner’s manuals with STAR technology.

Ferrari makes the strategic decision to outsource documentation to STAR Italy (based on GRIPS technology).
MindReader authoring assistance implemented in GRIPS. Also available for 3rd party editors (e.g. MS Word, Adobe FrameMaker, XML editors).
Several subsidiaries of STAR Group concentrate on Quality certifications (such as ISO 9001).
20 customers are utilizing GRIPS.
GRIPS supports fully automatic multi-channel publishing in all languages (CD, memory stick, web, paper)

First customer in finance sector moves away from SDL Trados and selects STAR’s CLM Platform.
Creation of IRIS standard semantic information model covering all information needs in mechanical, electronics, software and various combinations, is launched.
Transit NXT supports translation, localization and multimedia language processing (e.g. subtitling) in one.

BMW selects the CLM Platform to centralize and automate their global language processes and needs.
STAR Group receives increased recognition by large multi-national corporations for their global leadership position as a full service provider of services, tools and tool related services (consulting, support, maintenance, training etc.).
US Department of Defense (DOD) declares GRIPS’ semantic technology to be seven years ahead of anybody in the market.
STAR decides to extend the service and solution portfolio to financial and healthcare (pharmaceutical) industry.

Manitowoc (US, France, Germany, China crane manufacturer) chose STAR as their global partner for after sales documentation (GRIPS) including process automation.
VIN number specific documentation for Ferrari published on memory sticks (pen drive).
STAR technology is deployed by all major players of the European watch industry (Richemont Group, LVMH, Swatch Group, etc.) for their technical sales and after sales communication (CD-ROM and web).
John Deere selects STAR as a strategic global translation provider.

[2010 - 2018]

Volvo trucks selects GRIPS as their strategic solution for corporate after sales information management.

AnsaldoBreda (Italy) decides to outsource documentation to STAR using GRIPS technology.
First installation of GRIPS in Marine Industry (Azimut, Italy).
First GRIPS customer from Heating Technologies sector (Vaillant).
BMW motorcycle and KTM are ranked best in class for their owner’s documentation (produced by GRIPS).
SUVA and SBB run their language processes using STAR CLM platform.
STAR develops Web portal allowing bi-directional semantic information exchange (4D Query, Inc.).
GRIPS supports new approach for guided diagnostics using semantic technology (calculation of optimized diagnostic trees from a single-source diagnostic network).

FIAT auto selects STAR pen drive for worldwide after sales organizations (all brands).
GRIPS customers start using the full potential of the GRIPS solution and are extending their user base and scopes (e.g. after sales portals, spare parts catalogs, further integrations of existing systems).
Dassault Systemes and STAR establish strategic technology partnership for the product information lifecycle management market.
Iveco (FIAT) signed multi-year outsourcing contract for authoring services based on GRIPS technology.
STAR develops prototypes and semantic information models for new industry sectors (e.g. pharmaceutical, managed healthcare and financial).

STAR continues to grow organically and to serve after sales organizations of export oriented companies with tools and services for multilingual information life cycle management.
Transit available as collaboration suite (controlled parallel working on projects).
STAR’s know-how and experience remains the principle driver for sustainable business success.
STAR has over 900 in-house experts in 51 offices in 30 countries (more than 2000 contractors and freelancers).