Let’s Grow up! From Lego duplo to Lego Technic. Or: Why Semantics really Matters.

Some predict that technical writing will be obsolete due to semantic technologies.

Others claim that technical communication will be the most important department in an organization. In our talk we present the state of the art in technical communication and demonstrate its enormous potential – assuming that we will be able to perform the paradigm shift from large monolithic documents (Lego duplo) to highly flexible and intelligent semantic units (Lego Technic). This in turn will fuel current technologies and enable powerful applications adding real value to our customers.


  • State of the art in technical communication: from document-oriented structures (Lego duplo) towards a topic-oriented approach such as DITA (standard Lego), current approaches to content integration and content delivery (e. g. based on iiRDS)
  • Challenges in technical communication due to digitalization: change in business models (e. g. service-orientation, predictive maintenance, value-driven service models); new emerging technologies (e. g. mobile applications, augmented reality, virtual reality, semantic search engines, ontologies, machine learning, chat bots, etc.)

Martin Ley, University of applied sciences Munich
Matthias Gutknecht, STAR Group


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