KTM Motorcycle Case Study: Lessons Learned in Developing Intelligent Content

Changing from unstructured content using traditional desktop publishing tools to structured content has brought significant advantages to KTM Motorcycle.  Michael Arnold, KTM Motorrad AG, will elaborate on how KTM accomplished this change, the challenges they had to overcome, the immediate benefits received, and how KTM is profiting in the long run.  Michael will also explain how KTM leverages their intelligent structured content base to offer new services that previously could not be offered.

In this session you will experience first-hand:

  • Why and how KTM transitioned from unstructured content to modular, intelligent content.
  • How KTM determined the appropriate level of granularity of the content modules.
  • How KTM manages a large number of product variants.
  • How the semantically rich structure and high re-use capabilities of intelligent content facilitated the integration of KTM’s product documentation with the product documentation of two acquired motorcycle brands, Husaberg and Husqvarna.

KTM uses STAR Group's Global Realtime Information Processing Solution GRIPS to create and publish its instruction manuals and product communications.

Alan Horvath, STAR Group America, LLC, will share additional insights into the benefits of creating and maintaining technical information in intelligent content structures, applicable to any industry sector.

Date: March 25, 2015
Time: 11:15 am - 12:00 pm
Speakers: Michael Arnold (KTM); Alan Horvath (STAR Group America)

Michael Arnold works as a technical writer for KTM, a motorcycle manufacturing company. He authors owner’s manuals for motorcycles by creating and modifying layout independent information. In order to keep this content up-to-date while ensuring maximum reusability, he uses structured content management software.

Alan Horvath is the Managing Director of STAR Group America, LLC, located in Cleveland, OH.  STAR Group America, LLC is the US office of STAR Group, a global supplier of intelligent content solutions as well as language technologies and translation services.  Prior to coming to STAR Group, Alan worked for 17 years at Rockwell Automation as an IT Manager where he led various software development teams responsible for the development of business applications.  Alan is a 1983 graduate of The Ohio State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Computer and Information Science.