Our expertise

Our expertise

Our expertise

Translation, our core business


What languages can we translate?

The STAR Group has 50 agencies in 30 countries worldwide. So you can trust that it is highly likely that we will be able to meet your needs. Contact us with details of your exact requirements.


What is the translation process for your project?

You email us your file and, a few days later, you will receive the translation. Behind this simple 2-way communication there are many steps of checks and quality controls. For the curious amongst you, here is a brief description:

  1. Acceptance of your file: emails, telephone calls or meetings with you

  2. Preparation of your file: depending on the format of your file and its construction, some pre-production work might be necessary on our part, such as protecting parts that are not for translation.

  3. Preparation of the material: we determine which translation memories will we use, find if we have a specific dictionary for your field, look to see what supporting material we can give to the translator to optimise the process…

  4. Importing your files into Transit. Transit is our translation software, created and developed in-house, and used by all subsidiaries in the Group and by all our freelance translators. We use Transit systematically for all our translation projects: it enables us to calculate a precise line count to draw up quotations, it enables you to benefit from translation memories, helps us perform quality checks, and ensures translations can be followed up…

  5. Drawing up a quotation: if you are interested in this!

  6. Translation: the word speaks for itself. But be careful to put aside any misconceptions, as this step is more complicated than it appears! Translation is best left to the experts – leave it to us and you'll receive a translation that meets your expectations.

  7. Review: all our translations are proofread by a reviewer and this service is included in our price.

  8. Exporting from Transit: once the translation and review steps are complete, we export your files from Transit. The translations "come out" in the same format and with the same formatting as your source files. Magic, right?

  9. Formatting: if you want, we can take care of the micro-DTP. This involves expanding text boxes where necessary (e.g. texts in Russian take up a lot of space), checking the spacing, adjusting the line breaks, etc. All the useful cosmetic work to ensure your document is perfect!

  10. In-market proofreading: before or after the final layout, we can send our translations to your proofreaders to ensure that our work meets their expectations, in terms of the terminology used in-house, etc.

  11. Storing, sorting, and archiving files


Because our processes enable all the previous translations to be stored in the memory, we can offer you quick and accurate translations at the best price. Ask us for a quotation!

Our other services

Translation is our core business, however, our expertise is not limited to this field. Thanks to our various subsidiaries and our R&D centres, we can offer you services and solutions spanning the entire information life cycle: software for technical writing, interpreting, subtitling and voice-overs, digital printing, 3D views and animations. If you want to manage and centralise your product information (PIM, DAM, BOM) and take a step forward into industry 4.0, we can help you do that!